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Wer'erp Wesona

Colleen Colegrove is the owner of Wesona. She was born and raised in Northern California, and her maiden name is Markussen. Her family comes from Weitchpec Village, where the Klamath River meets the Trinity. She is a California native enrolled in the Yurok Tribe. Her father is of Yurok/Karuk ancestry, and her mother is of Dine/Navajo descent, from Salt/Near Water clan. Colleen is a mother of two baby boys, and is happily married to Anthony Colegrove.


Colleen is a young, self-taught, artist inspired by the beauty and culture of her indigenous roots. Colleen's given name is Wer-Erp Wesona, which means butterfly in the sky. Her projects include paintings, digital art, photography, film, and designing with her artwork.

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